Reimagining Reality

Our Journey from the USA to Germany


When I was picking our colleges, I didn’t think things out of my control would prevent me from graduating.  When I left for college it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be moving to California four years later.  When I first set foot on my college campus, I had no clue I’d be married 2 years and 10 months later.  When I signed up for my beginning German language class, it never crossed my mind I would be preparing to move to Germany.  When I left my childhood home in Phoenix, Arizona and drove the 2,000+ miles to college in Wilmore, Kentucky, I was going to major in Media and I was destined to be the first woman to win a directing Oscar and I was going to be an independent woman who finished college, gained my own personal success and then, if I found the right guy would probably get married and start a family.  I was NOT going to do “Christian Media.”  I was NOT going to be a missionary.  I was NOT going to some crazy hot country with bugs and snakes and no air conditioning or running water.  I had my 5 year plan in place and I was not going to be moved from it!

Sometimes I look back on that girl leaving home for the first time and I laugh to myself.  “Girl,” I would say to her, “You have no clue what you’re getting yourself into.”  I would tell her how time and experience would change her idea of what she wanted out of life.  I would tell her how a quiet life ended up looking far more desirable than the non-stop, on-the-go world she thought she wanted, or how being a stay at home mom would end up being a goal instead of a prison sentence.  How “bigger is better” would turn into “less is more.”  Yes, she really had no clue what was coming and sometimes I wonder what she would say if she knew then what I know now.

Well here I am today.  It’s been 7 years since I was that girl and I am so glad I’m not still her.  Because my husband Richard and I have taken our first steps in a long process towards becoming missionaries to Germany and I couldn’t be more excited!  We are currently in the application process with Greater Europe Mission or GEM.  They even have a media company, Gemstone Media!  I feel like God has spent the last 10 years of my life preparing me for this, even back when I put my foot down and firmly said “NO!”  Now I’m wishing we could leave tomorrow.  We are both very excited to see where this process takes us and we are looking forward to all the new experiences we will have and friends we are going to meet, but most of all for the lives we will have the opportunity to change for the better.  These days I don’t have so much a 5 year plan as a day to day plan and I might not have a clue what’s in store, but I can’t wait to find out!!



  Tiffany @ NOH (@txblond) wrote @

Congratulations on starting your journey! Germany is a beautiful country and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it here. What sort of ministry will you be doing?

And at least you’re starting to learn German before you get here. I waited until long after we were here to really start trying! lol

Glad you’re finding the info on NOH helpful, and if you have questions about anything in particular, just ask and I’ll do my best to answer thoroughly 🙂

No Ordinary Homestead

  Joslyn wrote @

We have two choices right now, church planting in Koln or working with Gemstone Media. We haven’t really decided yet, there are so many great things about both options.

Learning German fortunately was something I wanted to do before we even decided to move there. My husband, Richard learned German in elementary school and we both felt really strongly about raising our children in a bilingual home as the educational and mental benefits are fantastic.

Thanks! You’re blog has been really helpful. It has not only given us valuable information but has let us share that with our family members who are a bit more nervous about the move. Having some answers to their questions helps them feel more at ease, since no one on either side has ever moved to another country before.

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