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Our Journey from the USA to Germany

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We are finally making some progress on our journey to Germany.  It has been a frustrating and long process but we’ve got our Phase 2 application for Greater Europe Mission done and turned in.  Now the long wait.  There is little to be done on our end and much for them to do on their end and all we can do is wait.  We want to go and they want us to come, but as anyone who has gone through this process, there are just so many little ducks that have to be in a row for it all to work.  So now we wait and hope that all our ducks are in a row and we can be officially invited to one of the training weeks in the near future.

It has been frustrating, this process.  I feel like Tantalus, ever thirsty with water receding just as I get close to it.  Every time we feel like we’re finally going to get to go, something happens and we’re two steps back again.  It’s a story I’ve heard from so many of the missionaries I’ve talked to who are in the field now.  As frustrating as it is, I can see the logic in this process.  Moving overseas is like getting married or having kids, you’re never really prepared, no matter how much you try.  But God in His infinite wisdom seems to have a method that gets a person as ready as possible.  See the strangest thing happened every time we thought we were going, I prepared our home, our things, and we both prepared our mindset and attitude.  Each time, we had the progress of the last time to build on.  Each time we thought we were truly prepared.  Of course we weren’t and I’m beginning to understand that we will never be prepared, but just as when we got married, onward we go anyway.  My only prayer is that this time will finally be our time to make it all the way.